5 Ways To Get 5-Star Reviews: Tip #4

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Tip #4:
🤝 Work with the Right Person 🤝

This is an area that I failed in so many times I cringe. Here’s the thing, all the resorts look great online and there is no way I could get to all the places before starting my business. I had to trust that the resort would fulfill their end of the deal and I found out the hard way that this is not always the case.
Countless times I’ve had wedding guests call me while on resort letting me know their room is wrong or their reservation isn’t found. “Bad” resorts will throw you (the agent) under the bus in a heartbeat. They will not own up to any error on their part even after sending proof!
It is so important to partner with a resort brand who is for the agent, values your partnership and understands that our shared clients come first.
Trusting a resort to fulfill your bride and groom’s wedding vision is critical to a five-star review. If their experience at the resort for the wedding or for the vacation is tainted in any way, your review is affected, even if it had nothing to do with you! Annoying, right?
That’s why, in my program, I share the brands that wedding planners can trust. I don’t want anyone dealing with headaches and stress that never needed to occur.

But Tami, what if my client comes to me already knowing where they want to go?

This is great if it is a brand you recommend. I’ve made the mistake of allowing clients to come to me, knowing where they want to go and just asking for my services to deal with the group travel coordination, and they are going to a resort brand I no longer recommend due to various reasons.

The sale is so easy, and I can effortlessly get hired, get a professional planning fee and get it done. It is like a bowl of chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups just sitting out for me to grab and indulge in…until the obvious happens and I am quickly reminded why I no longer recommend that resort brand! Just like those calories in that ice cream, I found myself saying “it wasn’t worth it” and “why did I do this to myself?” 🤔

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